The Sports Entrepreneurs Podcast by Marcus Luer

Patrick Sweeney, Fear Guru

July 17, 2020

Patrick Sweeney’s, fellow YPOer, recent best selling book “Fear is Fuel” and his life experiences are perfect for the current state and level of “Fear” globally.  We take a deep dive into Patrick’s sports career, his entrepreneurial success and off course the “brick” that hit him when he was 35 years old and changed his life.  The Patrick Sweeney 2.0 version is a very different man on a mission.  Incredible stories and learning inside.

Key Highlights

  1. His early days as the “wimpy kid”, turned world-class rowing champion touring the world and the dream of winning an “Olympic Medal”
  2. “Could have been” an Olympic Champion and “could have been” a Billionaire if not for decisions out of fear
  3. Life either happens “to you” or “by you” depends on your mindset
  4. Transition to Entrepreneur – goal 40 by 40
  5. Fear of failure and fear of success, what worked and what didn’t as an entrepreneur
  6. First company and mistakes which cost him dearly, company now worth US$ 3 billion
  7. Second company and fears continue
  8. And then came the brick-  diagnosed with rare Leukemia at the age of 35 and 15 years later
  9. Overcoming the disease and fear
  10. Sweeney 2.0 version – first took up flying lessons and then conquered the world
  11. Now adventure racing around the world
  12. Wrote the book as a guide on how to overcome Fear without having to go through his life-threatening experiences
  13. Mentoring CEOs, Masterclass and TED Talk keynote speaker
  14. How companies can learn from it in the current environment & get in touch with him
  15. Final thoughts on how to use “Fear as Fuel”



Inc. Magazine called Patrick one of the most interesting men alive, but he considers himself ordinary and able to do things anyone can learn if they understand how to use fear as fuel. He inspires audiences with the neuroscience of fear & how it can be a competitive advantage. He shows why we need to find more fear in our life, and it's fascinating!

In 2018 Patrick won the world's toughest bicycle race – the Race Across America almost 20 years after he finished 2nd place in the Olympic rowing trials, he's founded four tech companies while creating eight patents and raising almost $50 million. Patrick has leveraged fear as fuel for peak performance and to create an inspiring life of passion, happiness and fulfillment. The son of Irish immigrants he was the first to go to college in his family and ever since has refused to accept upper limits set by family, friends or society. He teaches audience how to break through their limits.

Some fears you can face head on, and some show up unexpectedly to shake you to your core. When Patrick was told he had Leukemia, he, again, faced fear head on and learned the biggest life secrets to success.

When he realized the power of fear to fuel amazing feats in all aspects of life he began interviewing the world's top neuroscientists and psychologist for his book Fear is Fuel. He found out why and how our mind locks us in anxiety-ridden prison or leads us to the life of our dreams. His mission is to share those secrets with millions of people.

As a winner in sports and a winner in business he is committed to leveraging those fear lessons on himself and channel them into setting world records by being the first person to attempt cycling the Seven Summits. Patrick has been happily married (to the same woman) for 20 years (yes, she's a saint) and has three teenage children. He splits time between Boston Ma, Chamonix, France and Seat 21D.

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